rave construction team

Natalie Farmer

Natalie is the Owner and CEO of Rave Construction. Natalie grew up in construction and has a strong vision for what a client experience should be during the construction boom of Hays County. Many contractors compete for the same labor forces in the area so Rave sets itself apart from competitors by bringing our own, legal workforce to our projects. Natalie is an immigration attorney specializing in immigration solutions for Employers in addition to running Rave.
rave construction team

Joey Schonefeld

Joey is responsible for construction management in Rave and has been owner and operator of a large agricultural construction entity over the last 25+ years. Joey is originally from South Texas and has moved to Dripping Springs after a career of traveling throughout the Midwest and beyond for his business. Joey hopes to build relationships in his new community and beyond as he supports the growth of Rave.
rave construction team

Mike Zuhlke

Mike is responsible for construction management and people development in Rave. Mike has 20+ years of experience in construction and crew development. His experience extends from multi-family to agricultural construction, commercial construction, and beyond.
rave construction team

Brad Van Schouwen

Brad is the CFO of Rave Construction. Originally from Iowa, Brad has now been in Austin for 15+ years. Brad understands the importance of risk management throughout construction lifecycles.

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Rave Construction is a commercial construction firm with a mission to develop a legal, high-performing workforce to service the growth and development of our community.
Safety, schedules, and client expectations are the priority at Rave.